Vinn BPO Services is a Private Limited company, operating in the Business Process Outsourcing space, serving both International and Domestic Clients. Our Head-office is located in Coimbatore in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Vinn BPO is an Integrated BPO. A unique blended delivery model Which best meets the client’s requirements. We offer a set of Front and back office services that support the entire customer Life-cycle.

24 X 7 Operations
Delivery center already operational – Looking for expansion
100% Compliance on all statutory requirements

We hope to change the way service is delivered to consumers and to change the way they receive and react to those services. We know there must be a better way to do all these things and we’re committed to providing it.

We are Vinn BPO Limited, the life cycle management company creating the brand experience to your consumers.

The days of selling your product is gone.Customers are aware what they want and know how to get that. Market is very competitive and only way to retain the customer is creating a brand experience. A recent study shows creating rich customer experience along with brand experience will surge the sales at no additional cost. We at Vinn, assist you in customer retention and increase of sales.