Accounting Services
Accounts Payable (AP) is a vital, quality included accounting capacity that performs the essential non-payroll dispensing capacities in an association. As being what is indicated, the AP operation assumes a discriminating part in the financial cycle of the association. AP empowers an organization to achieve its targets by bringing an efficient, restrained methodology to assess and enhance the adequacy of the whole payables process.

  •     High Turnaround Time
  •     Pre-sales and post-sales support
  •     Lack of visibility and transparency in making Vendor Payments
  •     High Operational Cost due to decentralized vendor disbursements
  •     Tracking documents was very overwhelming
  •     Tracking of Service Level Agreements with Vendors
  •     Delayed Payments to Vendors

Technical and customer Support
Vinnbpo offers a complete portfolio of solutions to help you maximize opportunities for acquiring, retaining andgrowing your customer base.Vinnbpo, a TRAI licensed multi-lingual Customer Support Service provider has the following world class infrastructure :

  •    PRI / Leaf line from Reliable Telecom provider
  •     Customizable CRM software.
  •     Leaf Server
  •     Progressive dialers
  •     Networking with components
  •     Two reliable ISP

Vinnbpo offers the following telemarketing, technical support and customer support services

Inbound Services

  •     PRI / Leaf line from Reliable Telecom provider
  •     Answering Service
  •     Order Taking Services
  •     Complaint Resolution
  •     Account Status
  •     Help Desk

Other Services

  •     PRI / Leaf line from Reliable Telecom provider
  •     Email Support
  •     Live Chat
  •      Document Managementnt
  •     Data Entry

Outbound Services

  •     Promotions
  •     Appointment Settingt
  •     Content Tracking
  •      Surveys & Polling
  •     Data Collection
  •     Lead Generation

Our services offered cut cross multiple industry verticals provoding operational excellence,in-depth domain and functional knowledge.
Industry Verticals
Telecom,MT,BFSI,IT,Recruitment,Retail,Healthcare,Accounts 7 Auditing,Transcription services and more.
Horizontal Offerings

  •     Customer and technical support services.
  •     CLCM - Customer Life Cycle Management
  •     Sales and marketing

Technology & Infrastructure
Scalable and robust technology infrastructure consisting of propriteary and customer developed applications and a completely secure network.All Critical components have redundancy and are designed to seamlessly allow redirecting traffic from one location to another.VGS,can integrate its systems with their client applications to align with client businedd process.

  •     4,500 Square Feet independent building.
  •     24/7 Power Backup.
  •     25Mbps MPLS bandwidth,5 PRI's
  •     In Built resilience to ensure 100% uptime
  •     Biometric Security
  •     For enhanced security CCTV monitoring 24x7.
  •     Modular interiors for ease of expansion.
  •     100 seat capacity with 100% voice logger facility
  •     VPN connectivity for secured connection
  •     Predictive and progressive Dialer
  •     MPLS Clouds with failover WAN and LAN devices

Customer support services - available 24/7

  •     Inbound customer service calls
  •     Pre-sales and post-sales support
  •     Phone order taking
  •     Phone technical support
  •     Telemarketing
  •     Industry specific staff
  •     Customer psychology experts

Live chat support services - available 24/7

  •     Website Live chat answers to queries
  •     Pre-sales and leading up to sales
  •     Convert Website browsers into customers

Email support

  •     Replies to your product questions
  •     Answering technical details about a product
  •     Tracking orders and delivery co-ordination
  •     Updates or cancellations
  •     Dealing with customer complaints
  •     Articulate Email responses with guaranteed response time

Helpdesk support

  •     Technical support
  •     First line and second line
  •     PC and networking support
  •     Certified technical professionals

Transcription Services
    Vinn also provides medical transcription services to physicians, clinics and hospitals. Our accurate and reliable transcriptions are provided to you at cost effective prices.